We want to have a real impact on corals restoration and that is why we have decided to help corals research projects.

To restore coral reefs REEF SHELTER harvests pieces of coral destroyed by human activities or warm-temperature resistant corals (DNA is verified by researchers) and then plants them on tables.
After a few weeks or months we are going back to re-implant these corals on dead or devastated reefs.
Those super corals will help to rebuild stronger reefs, in case of another heatwave in the ocean.

Want to help us ?

If you wanna help us, you can adopt one or more corals, give it a name and we will take care of it for you.

When we have found your coral, we will send you an adoption certificate with a picture of your coral.

Ps: If you can not adopt a coral, you can raise awareness around you by sharing our posts and videos.

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Coraux Nouvelle-Calédonie Ilôt Sainte-Marie

Where is the Reef Shelter HQ ?


Nouméa - New Caledonia

credit : hacenem